20 January 2009

The Wedding of Khairil & Wawa

On the 21st November 2008/23 Zulkaedah 1429 H, Khairul Ephzan and Siti Salwa was officially and legally declared as Husband and Wife :)

The solemnization took part at the majestic Putrajaya Mosque and on the next day, on the 22nd November was the reception for the bride's side of the family. The event was held in a hall near the Palace of Justice, Putarajaya Boulevard. Then after the reception was over, we took a stroll near the big green lawn in front of the Palace of Justice and has our outdoor session.

the album cover

the happy groom

intense moment of ANY muslim groom, shaking the hands of the 'wali' of the bride. or in short, Akad.


Finally! Boleh la nak happy lebih-lebih sikit :)

The arrival of 'Raja Sehari' during the reception of the bride's side of the family.

All went well. Alhamdulillah, satu lagi 'masjid' telah dibina :) . God Bless and we hope Khairil and Wawa's 'knot' remains till the end of their life. Amin.

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scha(-_^) said...

guys, i'm addicted to yr pics..
so kewl, so amazing...u rawks!!!
lourve those pics..

khairil said...

Gambar yg kat atas padang tu mmg superb...album pun terbaik...nice pictures

To: Oat and the geng
Semoga korang success dlm bidang photgrapher...GooD Luck Bro