20 January 2009

SINKRONIS : a short film by jaja kadir

On 24th December 2008, Ironi Iris collaborated with Jaja Kadir in producing a short film called SINKRONIS. We were assigned to capture some still photos for prop purposes, to be used in the making of the film.

After a few brainstorming sessions with the crew, we gave some ideas and art direction in succeeding this film. We were also assigned to design the poster of the film. Alhamdulillah, everybody loved it :)

Ok, a bit about the film. Sinkronis is a short film that tells about a love story between a photographer named Din (Sofi Jikan) and his lover Yus (Fazleena).

[the poster]

[clapper board]

:: 24 December 08. The photography location for the props is at Bukit Ekspo, UPM, Serdang. The students were in their semester holiday so the ambiance was perfect.. senyap, sunyi dan tak kecah. We took Fazleena (Kapal Kertas) for the photography shoot there. As usual, kami paksa dia posing sakan :)

[she really knows how to smile :) ]

[Jas and Fazleena enjoying the sunset. 'Konon' bak kata Faiz hahaha]

:: Then when the night comes, we rented a studio owned by a friend of ours at Damansara Damai for a portrait session. These portrait sessions is also a part of the prop preparation process.
[Oat giving directions to Sofi Jikan. In his own way as you can see]

:: 26 December 08. The first day of shooting. The shooting is done in a photo studio owned by Enchanted Forest, situated at Seksyen 9, Shah Alam.

[Jaja discussing with Sofi Jikan. Serious. Serious]

[Jaja Kadir, the Director of Sinkronis. Thank you so much Jaja, for giving us the oppurtunity to collaborate with us. We really, really appreciate it :) ]

[The photos that we shot, used as props. *Kembang hidung]

[Talent and director talk]

:: 27 Disember 08. The shooting goes on....

[Intense moment between Din and Yus]

:: 28 Disember 08. We did a little interview session, about Sinkronis and also about Sofi Jikan, the main talent.
:: The original photo that was used for the poster. The texture of his. er. body is very obvious ;P. If you want to watch the film Sinkronis, below is details of the show. Do come :)

The place to be :
UiTM Puncak Perdana
Date and time :
21 January 09, 8.30 p.m.
Entrance :
What to see :

See you guys there!

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Epa Padi said...

1. s i n k r o n i s . maksudnye ape ? nak tahu lagi tentang poster itu. sy tertarik dengan yang itu .

2. suke poster nye.
buat orang berfikir ape mesej dea nak sampaikan.
- ape mesej nye ?

3. gambar yang sunset itu smart ! :)

4. 21 january 2009, 8.30pm.
- too bad, tak dapat pegi.
kuar tv tak ? ngeee

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Ajami Hashim said...

semlm nampak korang duk just at my blakang dgn t-shirt tulisan ironi-iris kan? masa u tepikir mcm penah nampak tulisan tu but lupa kat mana.. ropanya kat blog ni! huhu! nice poster wooo!

Anonymous said...

terima kasih banyak2 ironi irish=)

Anonymous said...

ironi iris=) silap je lagi

DoOrDie said...

poster yang lawa banget!