23 January 2009

Barra Cafe, Ampang

A good friend of Jas, Nabeela Mansor who is also the producer of radio station, contacted us if we can photograph food. YES. Food. I said of course because a few days back we were discussing about trying to go into cafe/restaurant photography business. Alhamdulillah, we had the opportunity.

She gave us the contact number of Mahani, a staff there and we discussed a bit about the job. Obviously the best way is to go there ourselves and capture the shop itself. These are just some of the photos that we took that day.

These dishes are not only for us to photograph, but also for us to EAT. Serious, MEMANG SEDAP. Thanks for the opportunity to capture these photos and also bagi makan free yang sedap. hehehe

We even recommended our friends to try out the outlet. Jom. Makan!

Behind the scenes. Setting the table, the lighting and positioning. The food however, tak payah nak set, simply delicious :)

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Anonymous said...

kat mane eh??? bole bg alamat x

fit said...

mana alamat die nii????
meleleh air liur aku tgk

HFz said...

best giler.. terliur aku tgk..

salam singgah dari hfz- seremban. :)

Aufa Taqiyyah said...

Barra Cafe,
Dataran Pandan Prima, Ampang..kat shoplot deret bank islam before u enter tesco ampang (at petronas)

Aubrey said...

thanks for the comment!
i enjoy all the color in you photographs of food!

aneps omar said...

lighting korang ke?

Ironi Iris said...

yer lar....lighting tuhan...ahaha

Aufa Taqiyyah said...


Anonymous said...

servis hanco. lambat. pekerja takde rasa nak mintak maaf pun. kesian tuan kedai.