25 October 2009

Solemnization of Amer & Julia

On the 22nd October 2009 / 3 Zulkaedah 1430H, was the solemnization of Amer Munawer & Julia. Amer is the founder of Click A Child, a platform and enabler for all charitable cause. For more info do click here. The event took place at Masjid Al-Ghufran, TTDI. The event was simple and attended by family members and close friends. Congratulations Amer & Julia.

2 comments or suggestions:

chokilala said...

saya suka amer ruffedge ni. hihi. now, semua ahli kumpulan ruffedge dah kahwin :P

Syafa said...

amer ruffedge?
bila kawen?x tau pun...huhuhu