15 September 2009

Artist : Alyah

Just before the fasting month we shot an artist named Alyah for her 'Kad Raya'. It was fun as her crew and herself are easy to work with. Below are a few info about her and of course, her photos :)

Alyah got her first taste of stardom when she emerged as the champion of Bintang HMI in 2000 with her excellent rendition of Francesca Peters’ Andainya and Khatijah Ibrahim’s Ku Ingin Lari.

Her career in the music business started when she landed on a recording deal with a local label. Some of her albums are HASLIA (2001) and PERMATA (incorporated well-known producers and composers including LY, Bong, Miji, Aji, Kelly, Pacai, Ross Arifin, Zuraini and Taj Mahal)

In 2006, Alyah participated in a reality singing competition; 8TV’s One In A Million. She made to the Top 12 before she had been voted out on the fourth week.

She had been in a Hip Hop group named The Fabulous Cats, and involved in their first album. The first hit single was ‘Papa Jahat’. Other songs which also enjoyed great play on local stations include ‘Fantastik’ and ‘Rimas’.

Her solo album is produced by a well-known singer and composer, Ajai under his label, Wake The Baby with co-operation by Complete Version and being distributed by Maestro Records. The album is indo-pop oriented and involved few well-known lyricists; Habsah Hassan, Slen and Abie.

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To view her music video, do click here. Enjoy!

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