07 March 2009

cinta pantai morib :)

After a photojournal session with the friendly 'fishes' named Barramundi and Jade Pearch at Majuikan's fish farm at Bagan Lalang, we went to the nearby beach. The sky was beautiful that evening. Unfortunately there were no models to 'compliment' the beautiful background of the sunset.

Then we saw a couple enjoying the sunset. We saw the opportunity and we approached them. We suggested a photo session for them. Well, they loved the idea :)

Thank you Pn Waslina and her husbnd. We pray your marriage stays strong and under God's blessings. Amin.

A big thank you to Miss Mahani (soon will be entitled as a Mrs. in two months :] ) for showing us the way to the fish farm. Thank you Mahani!

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atim.sepet said...

saye suke ini, whoa, cntik