21 February 2009

The Wedding of Adib & Hazalila

assalamualaikum. lama tak update kan?

have you guys ever attended any wedding of 'orang melaka'?

this is the wedding of Insp. Mohd. Adib b Anwar and his cute wife Noor Hazalila bt Aliasan. the wedding was held on the 25th January 09. since the groom is a proud PDRM member and because of his rank, we manage to capture the usual walk-under-the-sword-honour-thing.

below are some of the photos :]

Below is a slide show of the event. Enjoy!

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saya said...

eleh, baru lalu bawa pedang... aku kawen sok nak buat sambil lompat jambatan. (bahaya, pengantin lelaki ada baju "i'm with RPK")