05 January 2009

Circle of Colors - part 1

On 1st Dec 08, we were assigned by Mermotto CreativeWorks by Amir on a commission job for an Art School for pre-schoolers to teenagers by the name of 'Circle of Colors' located at SS2, Petaling Jaya. It was an interesting experience to work and play with the kids there. Yes, yes Uncle Oat and Uncle Faiz will entertain you. haha.

This made me recall last time i used to read about humpty dumpty.

The teachers are guiding the children on how to make your own sail-car out of A4 sized paper, a couple of straws and polo sugarmints (yes, sugarmints).

apa yang penting? KERJASAMA :)

farah(left) and her sister showing their handmade tee. tee anyone?

show your artworks to uncle! haha.

the painting section

preparing for the big race :D

on your marks...get set...


farah cant wait for the cakes to be ready.'im starving'

Amir is feeding Farah with honeystars. Children, they are a blessing. Right?

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