05 January 2009

The wedding of Adam & Lulu

On the 12, 13 and 14 December 2008 was the solemnization and receptions of Adam and Lulu. The solemnization took part at Lulu's house. Then the next day was the wife side of the family reception, held at the Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA) hall. Then the next day was at Adam's house in Serdang. These photos are during the solemnization and at Adam's house.

muka kena garang sikit hehe

yeay! success!

a husband's love to his wife

Adam and his mom.

Marhaban. A religious ritual usually done by the Muslims of Malaysia during weddings, khatam of the Quran, Aqiqah etc. The marhaban starts at 10a.m. at Adam's house.

Then they arrived...

Colour of the day - brown.

The day ended well even though it rained for a while. Alhamdulillah, another couple completed the ar-rahman and ar-rahim.

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Aniz . said...

woww, love the third picture from above. lovely.

erolnukman said...

minat sangat ngan photo2 ni..

Ironi Iris said...

thanks for the support guys :)
siapalah kami tanpa support dari korang semua :) thanks!

Epa Padi said...

adam, lulu.
wah cumel