11 April 2009

Solemnization of Khairul and Nurul

On the 10th of April 2009 was the solemnization of Khairul and Nurul. The event took place at Dewan Tun Raha, Bangi. The newly weds are beautifully tailored by Lyndarahim, which from what we discovered, is one of the most 'wanted' bridal boutique that brings joy to delighted brides and grooms. Lyndarahim is also responsible for the 'pelamin'. We discovered lots of her clients are satisfied with their services. Do visit the page to know more about them.

The bride looks so elegant and classic in white and red roses. Owh, the groom looks handsome too :) Below are some of the photos. Enjoy!

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cHoki2BeSt said...

kecik dunia nih..harap khairul@ganjo kan bahagia hingga akhir nanti..(jngn risau ganjo..rahsia anda selamat dengan beta :P) dan..serius beta tak kenal minah tuh hahaha