29 March 2009

Earth Hour 2009 @ Capsquare, Kuala Lumpur

Location : Earth
Date : 28th March 2009
Mission : Awareness

Earth Hour 2009 is a truly global initiative. Here you can watch video and read stories about other witnesses and warriors involved in the fight against climate change. There are several ways as listed in this web, about how to act against global warming. as we all are very aware of, the world today is slowly but surely deteriorating.

Earth Hour in Malaysia is planned and run by WWF-Malaysia and its partners. Yesterday, the public and participants are welcomed to join the Earth Hour by turning off their lights for one hour from 8.30pm-9.30pm. Below are some of the photos that we manage to capture.

These photos were captured at Capsquare, Kuala Lumpur. One thing for sure, by the time KLCC turned of its lights, the crowd really, really cheered. Click here to see the video of KLCC blending with the dark. Enjoy!

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fad said...

gmbr yg dengan aku tu mana???hehe

fa:scinating said...

yeay! :D

Anonymous said...

chantek!pegi siang tak nampak lilin..nampak awan je..

iqx said...

global warming ni. :P

Nadhirah Zamrose said...

cantik :)