27 January 2009

Band Shoot :: Matematik

Matematik is one of the indie bands that is receiving much attention in the scene since last year. Pekanmaya called us to shoot a few pictures for their EP. We were told that they are interested in 'neon' concept so we browsed Flickr and found this.

So, setelah memerah otak, we bought out 'equipments' (black backdrop, a disco ball, our Bowen lighting, a very dark room, cameras and attitude) and went to the Pekanmaya studio and started shooting. The outcome was more that what we expected. These are some of the photos.

This band consists of Mugabe as vocal, Shah the bass player and Nabil Zuhaily plays the guitar. Currently on session is Nasoha {Human Actually} as the drummer.

Cantik bukan? hehehe. So far we have recieved good feedbacks, Alhamdulillah... So to Matematik, keep on rawking! We enjoyed working with you guys.

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DoOrDie said...



scha(-_^) said...

soo kewl!!!damn...

p/s-how do u do tis??

syakey said...

gamba lawaaa


pekanmayarecords said...


of pekanmaya records

Juey said...
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Juey said...

oh lord, the photos look amazing! how did you guys do it?
i mean, how did you guys handle the shutter speed and the aperture?
what model camera are you using?
must nip out some tips for me!
i must know :D
incredible work!

Kiey said...

wow..terpegun ku melihat pic2 ini..
adakah korang menggunakan bulb dan mengunakan disco ball dan membuat neon2 disekekiling mereka??
amazing u guys done!!
gudluck guys..

~ كي~™

khairilmustafa said...


chantek wehh



Atiqah Rahman Wyllie said...

Smart. Cayalah Ironi Iris.