06 December 2008

Super Sunday

The Super Sunday founded in January 2007 and after few legal works, it is established as company named Super Sunday Enterprise in August 2007. They are previously doing their own t-shirt label combined and open an Independent Label Shop as the "Super Sunday Store" on 1st January 2008. Then an open t-shirt printing and airbrush studio is opened at Damansara Damai in April 2008. Another crew than later joined The Super Sunday late July 2008.

They were interviewed by TV9 due to the so-called vandalisme of the long graffiti that they made at Sg Kelang. DBKL questioned about what they have done. Then Super Sunday stated that rather than just leaving a space empty, they installed art. Art for people to see, appreciate and even make people think. Some even adore what they have done. When people tend to walk by and stop to look at it, in a way it can prevent 'mat-mat dadah' from loitering there.

Well, some people just don't understand. nak buat macam mana :)

Super Sunday 'in' TV

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