18 December 2008

Radiostar collaborate with Click A Child

On the 25 November '08, Click A Child (CAC) collaborated with Radiostar to promote their new t-shirt. Radiostar also promoted their new t-shirt with a cute CAC logo on it. The green coloured shirt looks yummy, seriously, you guys should buy it because the green colour is nice. Bukan hijau yang kelakar.

These are some of the photos that we took that day. Thanks to Brown Black Blues Studio for providing 'space' for us to do the shoot. The session was fun because these guys are very friendly and laughter always filled the studio.

[behind the scene]

Do visit their blog if you guys are interested to but the t-shirt because every time you guys purchase the shirt, at the same time your helping an orphan out there lead a better life, Insyallah.

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Abdul Mu'in Bin Mukhni said...

semua ganas pakai baju CaC .. huhu