06 December 2008

Click A Child Programme

Click A Child is a program to develop needy children. Orphans. Poor children. Special children and more.Think of the needy children, then we are here to help! Click here to visit their blog and do participate towards a better living for these children. By helping them, we are actually helping ourselves.. in a way words can't describe :)

Some of the activities that they have done is not only just entertaining them. Radiostar sang a few songs then an astronaut arrived. It was a great shock for them but also a good exposure. People from Voices taught them how to read English language books, telling them stories about historians. Then afterward, asking them to draw their deepest ambition. It is amazing sometimes, how an imagination of a kid amazes us.

Activities like this is good. Its not only just for entertainment, but it also helps these children in setting an aim for their future. Lets help them more! Do click here to visit their blog.

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