30 November 2008

salam, hi, hello


this is just a brief introduction about ourselves.

Ironi Iris Resources is a photography based company, formed by 2 photographers and assisted by a close friend of them. the job scope that we offer varies from wedding, events, product, model, portfolio shot purposes, families, etc. anything related with photography, we will try our best in serving your needs.

we also offer other graphic related projects such as websites and even printing matters. name cards, banners, posters. multitasking - yes, that's the word :)

for now, we're quite busy with jobs but later on, we will upload more of our works. who knows, YOU might be interested to hire us :)

dont hesitate to leave us a message. ask us. and God willing, hire us as well :)

oh, the company website is still under construction :) do email us - ironiiris@yahoo.com or just leave a message, here, at facebook.

thanks and we're looking forward to hear from you guys.

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